With Thanksgiving just passed, we guess it's time to write our annual holiday letter.  This year’s Thanksgiving was unusual.  We spent it at home, but not our new home.  

It had become an established tradition to spend Thanksgiving with Beth's (and Kay's and Margie's) mother. Since she passed this spring, we were left to fend for ourselves this year.  Minerva was with us in spirit.  Though, she would have preferred duck to turkey.

Our new home is finally under construction. We broke ground December, 2018.  When will it be completed?  That's a question many have asked us.  We take it day-by-day, week-by-week, month ...  In truth, the process keeps us very busy.  There are so many decisions to make.  We are staying close to the plan that Wendy, our designer, made.  However, as we have learned, it's impossible to anticipate everything.  Beth and I worked on many large projects in our careers.  One saying was that "the project is 90% complete for 90% of the schedule."  We hope that is not this case for this construction project.

Though we watched (and continue to watch) over the construction with a close eye, we didn't stay home the entire year.  We toured: Knoxville, Charleston, Raleigh, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Chicago.  Not all in the same trip:

Knoxville - With Carol and David, we spent a few days in Knoxville, TN.  The main event was a ballet / poetry recitation / concert. Knoxville is so close, we must go back for more.

Charleston - Spoleto with the dedicated crew (Carol & David, Carol & Baxter, Katherine, Denny) of course.  But, we continue to go back for Beth's hair stylist (who used to be Mike's :)

Raleigh - We ate dinner with Kathy and George.  We visited Toetie and Phil.  Actually, the Welch's put us up.  Toured Apex, the NC Museum of Art. Visit was too short.  Need to go back.

Pennsylvania - Drove by Beth's parent's farm.  Drove by Beth's parent's farm.  Drove by Beth's parent's farm. We couldn't find it! It is no more. It was the site of many Antal reunions.  So many memories.  Then, on the way home, we realized we'd be a few miles from Fallingwater. With no reservations, we went anyway.  Got into a tour when others canceled.  Dumb luck.  A wonderful tour.   Philip Johnson (a rival of Frank Lloyd Wright) praised Fallingwater as the best of the 20th century.  Who are we to disagree?

Ohio - After many promises to visit, we finally stayed with Annette & Frank.  Had a great time.  Again, too short.  So much to see.  Who knew about all the art in the area?  Obviously, Annette and Frank did!

Chicago - Our annual trip.  Stayed for the 3rd year in the same Airbnb.  In our old neighborhood.  Home away from home.  Superb restaurants.  Some just Beth and Mike.  Some with old Chicago friends: Fran and Jim, Joey and Steve, Mary and Gaylord.  Oh!  And, it snowed for Beth.  On Halloween!

At home, there were a few events besides keeping up with construction:  Eastatoe Falls, veggies from seed, bird houses, Judy & David and 12 Baskets.

Eastatoe Falls - Beth had not seen these falls. And, not sure Carol and Baxter had either.  So, Carol and David took us there.  One of the easier NC falls to get to.  Who says spectacular waterfalls require a long hike?

We grew tomatoes, carrots, beets and pumpkins from seed.  Hey!  It's a start.

Beth volunteered to lead the Quaker Young Friends in a project.  She found a plan to make bird houses, each from a single 1x6.  Since, Religious Ed is during Meeting, we were worried about the sound of the drill.  Tested it.  No problem.  We didn't think about the hammer.  A memorable "silent" Meeting it was, to be sure.

Judy and David came all the way from Charleston to have lunch with us at the Blue Rooster.  Actually, they were vacationing in the mountains.  We will return the visit this December.

Beth made corn pudding for 12 Baskets on Thanksgiving.  They loved it.  We hope the volunteers left some for the diners.  Next year, Beth will have to make multiple batches.

That’s our news. We are looking forward to hearing yours.

Note: In the on-line holiday letter (http://the-eddys.com/Holidays/2019HolidayLetter.html), click on bold underlined links for pictures and other surprises.

Happy Holidays, 2019,

Beth & Mike

PS  For this year's card, Beth painted a couple. who live down the road from us.  We pass them when we drive into town.  Mike thinks this year's painting fits the holiday theme.  We could see these two in a manger scene.